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Mindrise helps you cope better. Get matched to the right professional from over 6,000 therapists, counsellors and psychologists in London.

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"I had my doubts at first - so many counsellors, so many methods, and do they even work? I’m happy I found Mindrise. Made the whole thing really simple and I can finally say I’m getting my life back on track."

Aaron, London

"I've been facing a number of issues lately and needed to speak to someone. Mindrise helped me find the right person."

Emily, London

"Hugely time-saving. They understood exactly what I needed and went the extra mile to deliver. Thanks guys!"

Alex, London

Why should I use Mindrise?

The wrong professional not only costs you time and money but can make things worse. The right one - the person with the skills, certificates and human touch that fit your needs - can help you craft a better story and live a purposeful life.

How does it work?

The Get Started button will take you to a short form, where you’ll tell us what you need help with. A lovely human on our team may call or email you if we need more details - all in confidence, of course. Then from the therapists and counsellors we have vetted and trust we’ll find someone who meets your needs, budget and availability.

If you are an employer interested in mental health support for your team, learn more here.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We’ll match you for free and if you like the therapist, we’ll help arrange a meeting. If not, we’ll try to find you another one.

I can just use an online directory to find a therapist.

In theory, yes. In practice, you’ll find over 6,000 registered professionals close to where you are. But the fact that they are registered doesn’t magically make them competent and doesn’t mean they have the experience and the personality to help you solve your particular problems.

Online directories don’t make it any easier to find the right therapist. The usual profiles there are large blocks of text full of jargon and woo-woo. Which, in our not-so-humble opinion, is not the information you need if you are looking for someone to trust with your emotional life.

Who are you anyway and why should I trust you?

We are an eclectic bunch with a deeply personal and coldly rational experience in mental health. We have battled burnout, anxiety and depression, felt lonely, stuck, helpless and hopeless, been misunderstood by friends and family and frustrated by the difficulty of finding decent help.

So we spent a year studying mental health. We pored over the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and genetics; we talked to therapists, psychiatrists, NHS clinicians and brave ordinary people who had struggled, survived and flourished. From their stories we learned about the power of the human connection that is at the core of therapy to help us rise above adversity and live with new depth, vigor and meaning.

Mindrise is the result of countless conversations about the art and science of why we break and how we mend.

You never know if a therapist is right for you until you meet them.

That’s right. Relationships are always one part mystery and no one can guarantee a perfect match. What we can do is remove much of the guesswork and hassle of finding the right therapist before you waste your time, money and nerve cells on the wrong ones. You will only meet pre-vetted, qualified professionals who we can confidently recommend based on our knowledge of their work and your preferences.

I am an employer interested in providing mental health support for my team. Can you help?

Yes, we help employers integrate mental wellbeing into the workplace. Because every company has different needs and budget requirements, we work individually with each one. If you’d like to talk more send us an email.